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sort of a recap [25 Nov 2007|01:30pm]
[ mood | it's time to clean! ]

here's what's been going on since september 2006:

* still working for the same people. i really like what i was hired to do. now, if i can actually do it instead of constantly playing secretary instead i'll be really happy. but i've been told that's not going to happen, so i've been starting to look elsewhere.

* still living in the same place. as weird as it sounds, i'd actually rather be back in the dorms than live in an apartment. we live in a nice (re: expensive) complex. when we first moved in, everything was pretty good for the first few months. since then, our neighbors (on the sides and below us) have incuded two wife abusers, a meth lab, some guy with a penchant for large cross-dressing prostitutes, illegal aliens actively pursued by homeland security, people that we've never seen but like to have sex while making what can only be described as monkey noises, and myriad tenants who have managed to find he 11 on their volume knobs but can't figure out how to get it down.

* still have a cat. but he has herpes and we can't seem to get rid of them. it's actually really sad. and really expensive. also, he has a blog.

* still not married. still not even engaged.

* i am a quarter of a century old.

* i'm an aunt now.

i think that's about it. which is why i abandoned this thing in the first place.

4 * maybe all i need is a shot in the arm

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